Event First Aid and Medical Services Provider

e-1MediFAST provides you with a team of professional personnel together with the latest emergency care equipment to deliver the right pre-hospital emergency first aid and medical care in a timely and appropriate manner to a patient at your event. The level of coverage provided for your event will depend on the type of event you are planning, its inherent risks and the size of crowd expected. Whatever your needs, with our experience in emergency care, MediFAST has you covered.

We provide you with health care medics that are qualified in advanced first aid, resuscitation, defibrillation, oxygen administration, spinal injury management and administration of medications for symptom management including inhaled pain relief.

Our medical team consisting of nurses, paramedics, and doctors also have the capacity to administer injectable pain relief, intravenous (IV) drips and fluids, medications for the management of asthma, allergic reactions, diabetic problems, cardiac problems/cardiac arrests, seizures, sedation, extensive nausea/vomiting, drug overdoses. They also provide advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and pacing.


Need first aid or medical event coverage at your event? MediFAST will beat any written price of our commercial competitors for an service equivalent.

We provide you with healthcare professionals and guarantee satisfaction with our service.

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