The first aid for babies and children course is a very practical and helpful for any person that cares for a infant or toddler.

We cover the ten most common injuries like a fracture. A sample of practical  steps for a broken limb is:

-Immobilise the limb: This might be by applying a sling or s. You can use your child’s shirt to support the arm. Fold the bottom of the t-shirt up and over the arm at the elbow, and knot it at the back to hold the arm tightly in place. You can create a splint by wrapping a newspaper around the leg and and secure with a piece of cloth.

– Elevate and Ice: To help reduce the swelling apply ice that is in a bag wrapped in a cloth, then elevate to help with pain relief. Keep the ice on up to 20 minutes at a time.

Our trainers are paramedics and paediatric nurses. Knowing that the trainers have extensive experience and hearing there stories is a great way to learn. They explain things in a very clear and simple way and are great at reinforcing the main points.

Hopefully you won’t need to use what you have learnt but it’s good to feel prepared ! So why don’t you look at doing the First Aid for Babies and Children Course.